I only want help from the people that do it right the first time with detail and a smile; Carmen at Accounts Pro has been the biggest asset to keeping everything at my business running smoothly and organized. I never have to question any work that is done because I know it is done meticulously the first time. Thanks so much for your hard work. Extremely satisfied client!Nathalie Cooper / Owner
Acorn Equestrian Farms LLC
In 1996, I put an ad in a Penny Saver looking for a book keeper. Carmen Manrique answered the ad. I met her, interviewed her then decided to contract her services. Since 1996, Carmen has been one of my most precious asset. I have succeeded, failed, succeeded again and all during this time Carmen helped me keep my book keeping straight. As I grew, contracted and grew again, Carmen helped me first survive then thrive. My company is now in an explosive growth period. Even with the stress and pressure that comes with 100%+ growth, I feel secure in my ability to see my company through this exciting period with Carmen’s help.

What I also respect about Carmen is that Carmen is constantly educating herself on her understanding of Accounting, Quickbooks and Small Business.

I feel so fortunate that I placed that ad in the Penny Saver 17 years ago.John Dorsey / CFO
Lilla Rose, Inc
O’Dorsay, Inc.
Carousel Productions

Carmen and the talented team of Accounts Pro has been such an amazing asset to Odyssey Electronics for many years. With Carmen’s experience and ability to detect discrepancies, our bookkeeping process has been restructured to be highly efficient and accurate. Her availability to answer questions anytime, day or night, is a huge benefit to our accounting department. I would not be able to accomplish as much as I have without her help.Alina R. Pfutzenreuter
Odyssey Electronics, Inc.
Dana Point, California
I have been using Accounts Pro since 2006 for all my bookkeeping needs. Carmen is an expert with QuickBooks and does a fantastic job with reconciling some very challenging bookkeeping situations. Accounts Pro are very flexible and can accommodate in your office or remote service. I highly recommend Accounts Pro.Jeff Kraus / President
Pacific Coast Electric
I met Carmen in 2008 and the words are synergy and proactivity. She’s a people oriented professional with a special human touch. We’ve partnered in several projects in the US and in Latin America, offering the best solutions possible. I love her growth vision and restless effort to deliver quality services and provide fair deals to her clients and her partners. With Carmen it’s hands on, always shoulder to shoulder, co-creating, innovating.

It has been a blessing in my life that we got in contact and started doing creative things together.Marco López / Business Consultant, Lawyer
Honduras, Central America